About us
GOLD EXPRESS is a licensed international transportation of people and goods since March 2008, headquartered in Bielsko-Biała.

We fulfill all requirements to operate on domestic and international routes.
Our company extended itself fast because of our determination and the right decisions. Our cars of the brands Renault and VW are suitable for long distances. All our cars have also fully comprehensive insurance and are equipped with an air conditioner, a large luggage space, a navigation system and a sound system. We only employ highly qualified drivers, because for us welfare and safety of our passengers rank first.
We fulfil the tasks that we are entrusted with, which results in a lasting cooperation and trust, which the clients put in us. We try hard to improve the quality of our service and to extend our business.

Through collaboration with a number of references customers domestic and abroad, we are constantly present in Austria, Germany and even in Italy. We fulfil all the requirements of the European Union structures. Punctuality, precision, reliability, resourcefulness, a high level of services and the ban on drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes in our cars are only a couple of many criteria that distinguish us from competitors. We are member of the economy chamber of Nowy Sącz where we aim to increase our qualifications. Our offer aims both at customers and at companies which primarily appreciate professionalism and a high service standard.

We are focused on continuous development. Our ambition is complete customer satisfaction. With our service you get fast, comfortable and above all safely to your destination. If there is a conflict between the distances of different places we provide a second car to reduce the overall travel time. Our cars are constantly maintained in an authorized workshop and cleaned very carefully before each route. We do not save on tires and automotive accessories, therefore our cars are always in a great shape.

Because of to the mobility of our company, its immense potential and the competitive prices we gain an ever-increasing reputation not only in Silesia, but also in other parts of Poland. Therefore, we have.

Our drivers

Our drivers´ careful selection is a guarantee for our customers to get the greatest possible comfort and safety:

  • Punctuality
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Efficiency and competence
  • Communication readiness and politeness
  • Many years of experience in passenger and goods transport
  • Multiple license categories
  • Keeping cool in difficult traffic situations and use common sense
  • Course for persons and goods promotion (qualification proof) required psycho- technical and medical examinations

For improving the quality the company Gold Express supports its drivers in developing their knowledge as well as their qualifications.