Shipments are collected from prearranged locations, such as your: home address, gas stations, railway stations, car parks – from Poland and Austria at a pre-established time. The delivery takes place within a few hours from the time of loading to the mentioned address.
  • Small package:
    Letters, documents and all kinds of packages up to 30kg
  • Larger deliveries:
    Furniture, building materials, electronic equipment
  • We offer a transport of no typical shipments:
    We offer a transport on a trailer with a covering plan (size: 250x180x160 with a payload up to 750kg). It is possible to order a larger trailer with a higher payload.
  • Transportation of cars on the trailer:
    We have cars equipped with tow hooks with max. GVW. 2500kg. The weight of the transported car must not exceed 1900kg.
  • New! Money deliveries within 3 hours!!
    We offer a hitherto unknown service: We fulfil the order from the moment of filling out the order sheet for the delivery within 3 hours.

The times of collection and delivery of shipments will be determined in advance by phone with each customer individually. To places (in Poland and Austria), which are outside our network, we send by post or courier. In cases of money shipments it can be deposited into an account. We bear full legal responsibility for the shipment. We are looking always for the best solution for our customers. The sender is responsible for packing the delivery to ensure the safe transportation and prevent damage or injure passengers.

We reserve the right to non-acceptance of a shipment, if it’s not packed adequately secure.

The prices charged according to rates and paid by either the sender or receiver.

For regular customers, we have attractive promotions and special offers.